Hair Care Basics

Have you ever had a bad hair day? We all have! It’s just part of life. But now you can have less of them.This week I am going to do a live class on how to care for your hair! I am going to give you tons of tips that you can use no matter what type of hair you have. And since it’s LIVE you’ll be able to ask me any questions you may have.

Just incase you don’t have time or just want the quick version/breakdown here a few tips I’ll be sharing:

  1. Know what type of hair you have. You may need to ask your stylist for this one.
  2. Use the right products for your hair. 
  3. Product is your friend. Product will help protect and hold your style! 
  4. If you use any heat tools on your hair, owning a heat protectant spray is a MUST! 
Here are a few of my favorite products that are good for most everyone! These are my must have hair products:

  1. Joico body luxe root lifter. I love this because it smells great and it’s light weight so it works for most hair types.
  2. Big Sexy Dry shampoo. I’ve tried lots of dry shampoos and I keep coming back to this one.
  3. Pureology 21 Benefits or It’s a 10 
  4. The Wet Brush! Best brush ever!
  5. Paul Mitchell- Hot off the press to help protect your hair


Just Scroll down the page about half way to where it says “Exclusively for you. Top picks from your stylist” (that’s me!) You can set up an account for free and order straight from here. This website only sells authorized, professional products and it’s a new way to buy trusted salon products from a professional stylist and have it sent straight to you. It’s pretty cool.

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