How I learned to take better pictures

Some photographers are artists and some are teachers.  Kristin Tatem is both.

When I found out Kristin was teaching a Beginners Photography Class I knew I wanted to take it so I immediately signed up as soon as she released the date for the class.

I took Beginners photography for two reasons:

1.) I wanted to take better pictures for my Instagram and blog post photos and

2.) I wanted to take better pictures of my son.  Kids just grow up so fast I wanted to be able to capture at least some of it on camera.

I got so much out of the class!  Kristin has a knack for seeing the beauty in each and every one of her subjects, but she is also an incredible teacher.

She is patient and kind and let me tell you, she really knows her stuff.

She has a way of  taking a confusing thing like how to program settings on a camera, and explains it in a way that makes total sense.


What I learned from Kristin’s Beginners Photography Class:

  • Lighting is everything!
  • I learned how to frame a photo
  • I learned how to actually use the settings on a dslr camera
  • I learned how to take better pictures!

Just see for yourself:

File Mar 24, 4 44 38 PM

File Mar 24, 5 03 10 PM

File Mar 24, 4 20 16 PM


Are these “perfect” photos?  Maybe not, but they capture exactly what I wanted to capture.  And that is priceless.

If you want to take better pictures of your kids, or even just better selfies and flat lays for your own Instagram you’re gonna want to do yourself a favor and take this class.  I 110% recommend this class!

Check it out here:

Note: Even though I learned how to use my dslr camera I still mostly use my iPhone to take photos, and A LOT of what I learned from her class translates to ANY type of camera.  That’s a bonus!

File Mar 24, 4 56 57 PM

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