5 reasons you should hire a makeup artist for your professional photos

To makeup or not to makeup?

Is it even a question?  Well, for some it may be.  So here are all of my thoughts and tips on weather or not you should hire a pro makeup artist for your photos.

When you are having professional photos taken you want to love them. You want to come across as authentic and confident.

Some women ask the question, “Should I hire a professional makeup artist?”  

Well, yes.  I think you should.  Makeup isn’t everything. It certainly can’t change your life, but it can make you feel more confident. I believe that wearing makeup is about expressing yourself and accentuating your best features and making you feel beautiful so your confidence can take center stage.  

If makeup just isn’t your thing, that’s ok. You should always be true to you. We should all do what makes us feel good about our selves.

Most of us ladies feel better when we put a little makeup on. We wear it to work and on date nights. We want to look beautiful and more importantly FEEL good about ourselves, and makeup can help with that. 

You want to feel especially comfortable in your skin when you are going to be on camera. And one way you can do that is to hire a professional to help!  Here are five reasons you will be totally glad you did: 

1.) It takes away stress.

Having photos taken can be a little stressful. What should you wear? Do I need to bring props? Is there a theme? At least if someone is helping you get ready, that’s one thing YOU don’t have to worry about getting right. 

 2) Makeup artists know what they are doing when it come to makeup for photography.

Makeup is our area of expertise and makeup is different for photography.  You use slightly different products and you need a little extra. A professional will know exactly what to use so you look radiant and not washed out or overly made up. 

3) Makeup artists use a higher quality of makeup.

Most makeup artists invest a lot of time and money into their makeup kits. You get the benefit of having very high quality products that look amazing on camera!

4) You’ll feel more confident so you can be more authentically you! 

It’s not about covering yourself up with a mask. Foundation can even out your complexion taking away splotchiness or redness that can be distracting. This way people see what you want them to see in the photo. Your beautiful smile!  

5) You’ll look more polished and professional.

If you are getting photos done for your business keep in mind that this is how you are presenting yourself to the world. Especially nowadays with social media hundreds or even thousands of people could be seeing your photos. You are putting time, money, and energy into these. Don’t you want to look your very best!?  In fact according to this article from Forbes women who wear makeup are not only considered more trustworthy, but they also earn 30% more money!  Now if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. 

Ok so now that I’ve convinced you to hire a professional, here are some tips to finding someone you’ll love working with. 

  •  Get a recommendation from someone you know and trust (a photographer perhaps). 
  • If there’s a particular product you love or always wear, bring it. Or if you just cannot see yourself in red lipstick tell the makeup artist. They want you to look like you, and they want you to be happy with the result. 
  • Be specific on what it is you want. A natural look, a glam look etc. And bring photos of other makeup looks you like.
  • Trust that they know what they are doing. Makeup for photos or video is not the same as everyday makeup.  

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 Image by Kristin Tatem

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