Makeup tips for photos or video

When you’re applying makeup for photos, video or even speaking on stage the “rules” are a little bit different.

 Here are my top tips:

? Use a face primer before your foundation. This will  help your makeup stay on longer, plus the makeup won’t settle as easily into pores and fine lines. 

? Spend a little extra time on your base. 

When you’re having photos done, speaking on stage or you’re in front of a camera you want your skin to look flawless. 

For the most part, you are probably going to want a med to full coverage foundation. You want enough coverage in your foundation to cover redness or discoloration in the skin. You’ll also want to use a concealer to cover any dark circles or blemishes.

PRO TIP: A peach toned concealer is great for hiding dark circles. 

You’ll also want to use a setting powder, it will help it stay in place and make sure your extra effort doesn’t go to waste.  The powder will also help the finish of the foundation stay matte.  

One of my favorite foundations is Make Up For Ever’s ultra HD foundation. It has a med to full coverage and is build-able so you can get the coverage you need while still looking natural. It looks great on camera but it also looks gorgeous in person. Your skin still looks like skin. 

? Fill in your brows!  Brows are so important because they frame your face. It’s extra important to fill in your brows when you are wearing more makeup than usual on the rest of your face. It will balance everything out. 

? Opt for neutral eyeshadows. Save the crazy colors for another occasion.  Just trust me on this one.?

? Use a pop of color on your lips.   

? Wear false lashes (or extra mascara).  It doesn’t need to be full strip of false lashes, you could do individual lashes or half lashes. They look great and come across more natural.  If you’re not comfortable with false lashes, that’s totally fine, but  be sure to apply a couple extra coats of mascara. This will help make your eyes stand out!

? Skip “glittery” or overly shiny makeup products. These types of products can reflect a lot of light and end up making your skin look really shiny. 

Just keep it subtle, and only highlight a few features.  You could add a little in the inner corners of the eyes, top of the cheekbones, and cupid’s bow. 

? The camera washes out about 30-40% of your color.  If your wearing a little too much makeup for everyday, then it’s perfect for the camera!  You want to look “natural” but not washed out so you’re going to need more color in your face than you think. You want your features to stand out.

Hint: You’ll probably need to apply more blush, than usual.  

?Define your eyes. You can really connect with your audience or clients with your eyes, and you want to make sure they stand out. To get eyes that pop in photos, make sure you use eyeliner on the top of your lashes. Contour the crease of your eye socket with a medium toned shadow, and blend out the edges really well with a large fluffy eye shadow brush. And don’t forget lots of mascara, at least 2 coats. 

??? Bonus tip:

Take a selfie with your iPhone in the lighting you will be in, to make sure your makeup stands out, and ask your photographer if you can see his or her screen at the beginning of your shoot. 

Bring your makeup with you in case you need a little touch up.

I like to keep lipstick, powder AND oil blotting tissues in my touch up kit.

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