Every skin care professional will tell you one of the WORST things you can do for your skin is to sleep in your makeup.  And it is.  It’s really really bad for your skin.  You should never ever do it.
BUT if you ever do make this mistake (yep, I still do it sometimes.  Even though I am skin care obsessed and even created an entire online course on the topic) then here’s what to you do.
  • First of all don’t beat yourself up.  Do your best to wash your face at night, but if there are times you are too exhausted and you fall asleep before you get to that, just realize that you are a badass woman who had many many balls in the air.  You’re a mother, you work hard, you somehow manage to keep it all together even though sometimes it feels like you are falling apart.  So give yourself a break.
  • Then wash your face really really well in the morning.  Get ALL of the makeup off.
  • Next using a cotton pad use an alcohol free toner.  It will help pick up any extra makeup you may have missed.  It will help clean the pores on your face and even help your pores appear smaller.
  • Then do your skin care routine just like normal!

Now you’re ready for more makeup ?.


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