Why I decided to become a LipSense Distributor

Guess who has two thumbs and just became a LipSense distributor?! This girl!

You may know exactly what I’m talking about or you may be like: WHAT THE HECK IS LIPSENSE??

Incase you’re not sure what it is let me explain…

LipSense is a one of a kind product that is pretty darn awesome.  It lasts for upto 18 hours without coming off!  It’s waterproof and 100% kiss proof, I’ve tested it! ?

Signing up to become a distributor was a BIG deal for me and one I did NOT take lightly.

I have been in the beauty industry for TEN years and purposely never signed up to be a distributor for anyone.

Since this feels a bit out of character for me I want to explain WHY I decided to start selling Lipsense ?

I’m not going to say I don’t want to make any money from selling it, of course I do! I’ve got a family to feed ? BUT it’s not my main reason for deciding to sell it.  I have personal reasons and professional reasons.  Below you’ll find both:


?I actually really LOVE the product. It’s the real deal! It holds up ALL DAY LONG. With no smudging. It never gets on your teeth, your coffee mug, or on clothes.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten RED lipstick on a WHITE shirt.

?Another thing I love about it is that you can kiss on your kids or S/O with out getting lipstick stains all over their faces. Personally that’s awesome for me since I love to wear lipstick but my son won’t let me kiss him if I have it on. My hubby doesn’t mind, he’ll take ’em how he can get ’em ??!

?I’ve researched the product quite a bit, and while it is not all natural, it does do a good job of using products that aren’t super harmful, specifically NO LEAD OR WAX is in the lip color.  If you’re interested in learning more about the science behind it (where are my other nerdy gals?) I’m going to link to the a blog post I read.

?This one is personal AND professional, but I’m always looking for opportunities to create more income, that feel in alignment with who I am and what I want to do and be in the world. Like I said, money is not my main reason, but this product is amazing and people LOVE it, so why wouldn’t I want to share it and make extra income on the side!  Ya’ll, I’m a business woman and this is another part of my business now!  So exciting!


? LipSense is PERFECT for wedding days.

I’ve been wanting to be able to offer a lip product for the bride and the bridal party to be able to do touch ups thru the day, for a while but wasn’t sure the best way to do this. LipSense totally solves that.  I’ve always included a small sample of the lip color I used on the bride, but the bridesmaids were kind of out of luck unless they brought their own color.  I’ve always hated that!

I was holding out because I didn’t want people to feel like they were being forced into buying a product. And I’ve found a way to make this work so that they won’t have to but they still get the full benefit, (#samplesizes ?) BUT they have the option to purchase the exact lip color we use if they want to.  I love being able to offer that!

Another reason I was holding out is because… well, let’s just say it, there is a stigma around multi level marketing companies.


sunny-invigaron-3(Sorry, had to sneak that Always Sunny reference in there)

I’ll admit I have had it myself, but sometimes the product is so good it can’t be ignored!

I know things can escalate quickly though and I just want to say that while I will talk about LipSense some on social media and my blog (it really is amazing and so many fun colors!) I have several other parts to my business. This is a welcome addition but not the ONLY part of what I do.

That being said, if you’re interested in trying it out I will have some at my salon and I will also be able to ship it to you anywhere in the US so send me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll get ya hooked up or answer any questions: Also feel free to email me here: sara@saradrurylocallooks.com

Below are the colors I currently have available.  I love that you can see them on lots of different skin tones in these pics:

These are sooo pretty and the MOST popular ones, they sell quickly so if you’re interested definitely let me know! ?

✨Click here to see my Pinterest board for tons more info, tips and tricks all about this amazing product: https://www.pinterest.com/saradrury/lipsense/

✨Here is the link from the blog Nerdy for my Sensesisters I mentioned above with the science behind lipsense and the ingredients:

The Science/Chemistry Behind LipSense’s Staying Power

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