September Favorites!

HOLY MOLY!! I can not BELIEVE we are already headed into October!  What the what?


Where has the time gone?


Well, it’s ok because I can feel fall in the air and I’m ready!


Since this is the last week of September I thought it would be a good time to do a favorites.


So here’s what I’ve been loving lately:


? ? ? ? ? ?LIPSENSE ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Ok, hear me out before you get your eye roll on (I know we all have a friend who won’t shut up about the stuff), but its for a GOOD reason.


Listen, I know us Lipsense gals can be annoying, I was annoyed before I tried it.  But then after I tried it (the second time if you’ve seen my video you know I actually hated it the first time), I fell head over heels in love and realized what all the stinkin’ fuss was about.


This crazy product is different than any other lip product on the market.  I can’t get over how well it works.  And not just the Lip products but just about everything I’ve tried.  The Lipsense company is actually called “Senegence”.  They have a full skin care and makeup line and I have been super impressed.

I have used a lot of makeup over the years and this stuff has truly blown me away!

The eyeshadows are out of this world amazing. Oh and they are water proof AND good for your skin.  All of the skin care AND the makeup have Seneplex Complex which is an anti aging formulation that actually increases cell renewal by 23.3%, which is unheard of, but thats whole other post..

So I am going to tell you about my very favorite products I’ve tried so far.

If you want to try the Lipsense or the eyeshadows “Shadowsense” then just message me I will totally hook you up and even help you choose the best color for you!  I’ve been helping people pick makeup colors for 10 years now, so I know I can help you find your perfect shades too!!  You can thank me later ?

Top 5 Favorite Lipsense colors:

I’ll be totally honest picking only 5 colors was super hard.  There are sooooo many I love, but these are the ones I find myself most drawn to on the daily.

  • ?Precious Topaz- A warm brownish golden shimmery color that is to DIE for!
  • ?Fly Girl- A gorgeous red
  • ?Roseberry- The perfect pop of color
  • ?Bella- A gorgeous neutral for every day for neutral or warm toned gals
  • ?Praline Rose- also a perfect neutral for every day for neutral or cool toned gals,  and the most amazing color for layering!


Top Favorite Shadowsense colors:


File Sep 27, 11 39 30 AM

  •  Candlelight- This color is everything and does everything!  I use it for an eye lid primer, a blending eye shadow shade, an under eye concealer (its just peachy enough to cover those dark circles) AND  a hightlighter! What other product can do all that… for only $22.  It’s crazy.  Seriously get this NOW!
  • Sandstone pearl shimmer- Legit, EVERYONE should own this color! It’s so pretty and the perfect lid color for every day!!
  • Copper Rose Shimmer- EEEEKKKK I cannot say enough about this GORGEOUS color.  It is soooo pretty on the eyelid.  The trick is to pat it on with your finger to get the most pigmented amazing copper rose color.  Did I mention these stay on ALL DAY?
  •  Mocha Java- This is another multi-purpose color.  It is a great crease color for the lid AND a great contour color.  So smooth and easy to blend and work with.
  • Mulberry- This is another matte color that looks great on just about everyone.  It’s great for the lid OR the crease since it’s a matte color.  Another cool thing about these shadow colors is that you can mix them with the Lipsense colors or use them as blush on the cheeks.


One more product that I’ve been using and loving that NEEDS to be mentioned here is:


This is the most amazing eye crème.  It’s the Senederm EyeCrème mixed with the Pearlizer (which has light reflecting pigments to help camoflauge dark circles and fine lines).  So it brightens and highlights your eyes while moisturizing.

It just melts into the skin and fills in lines and wrinkles to eliminate shadowing, making the skin area appear smoother.

Just like all the skin care products the eye cream also contains the same anti-aging SenePlex Complex and a variety of natural oils.

From their website: Utilizing the most advanced skincare technology known today, this anti-aging creme features a rich blend of SenePlex Complex™, natural jojoba, avocado oil, and sweet almond oils and vitamins A & E for protection to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and nourish the sensitive area around the eyes.

File Sep 27, 1 08 19 PM


Sign me up twice!


Anyway that is what I am truly loving this month and I just had to share!  Why should I have all the fun??

Let me know if you’d like to try anything, as I said I’m happy to help and I can ship anywhere in the US.

Email me here: sara@saradrurylocallooks OR message me on Instagram: @saradrurylocallooks or Facebook.

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