🎁 Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Right?  Well maybe… Until you think of the 100 MILLION things you have to do to get ready for the holidays.


I know many of us can get a little overwhelmed with all we have to do.

So here is your reminder to take a deep breath and let go of how it should be.

Here is a little tip for surviving the holidays:

What I like to do is make a list! 

I write out everything I would like to get done out on a piece of paper.

Doing a big brain dump helps just to get it all out.

Then I like to prioritize everything.

This helps me to be able to see what is really important and if there are things that can wait. 

This little exercise makes me feel a little more in control and much less overwhelmed!

I use it anytime I have a lot to do and feel overwhelmed and this time of year is no exception!

One of the things I know I want to get done is gift shopping for friends and family!  There are always those people it is hard to buy for so to hopefully help you out just a little bit here is a gift guide to get you started:(just click here for the full guide): 



You’ll notice that one of the gift ideas is for Lipsense!  It really is the PERFECT stocking stuffer!

If you would like to try it or would like to grab a Gift Certificate for your mom, sister or a friend then let me know! I’m always happy to help you pick a color.  Don’t hesitate to ask!

I have lots in stock and more on the way (it doesn’t last long). 



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