5 Ways to Love Yourself More This Year

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! We took it super easy in my house since we were pretty much passing a cold around.

But now just in time for a brand new year, we are all finally on the mend!

In honor of the new year I wanted to give you a few ideas to help get it started off on the right foot.

One of my intentions for 2018 is to continue to implement all of the self love “tools” I have and share what works with you.

💕  So here are 5 ways to love yourself more this year💕:

  1.  Do more of what makes you happy VS. what you (or someone else) thinks you “should” do. In fact do an experiment and try taking the word “should” completely out of your vocab this year and see what happens.
  2.  Set clear boundaries, which might mean saying NO to people more often. This one was hard for the “people pleaser” in me, but once I got into the habit it totally changed my life! 🙌🏼 HINT: Here’s how you know when to say no : If it’s not a “HELL YES!” its a NO!
  3.  UNPLUG from work AND social media regularly. Sometime you just need to shut it all down and….
  4.  Feed your soul- We get so busy with life sometimes we forget to feed our soul. Read a book, go to a movie, take a long bath, spend time with your friends and family. Do something that helps you recharge your batteries, and do it often.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to other people!!! This one is a big one for me and something I am working on. Here’s something I’ve done recently that was helpful. UNFOLLOW anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself. You know, the people who make you feel like you don’t measure up. The fitspo who makes you feel like you’re too fat, the blogger who makes it look like her life is perfect in every way (I unfollowed someone recently because their house is always clean and perfect even though she has a bunch of kids. I can’t keep a clean house and I only have one!😂 I would watch her on insta-stories and then compare my messy house to hers and feel bad.  So she had to go.

NOTE: Unfollowing someone who triggers you has NOTHING to do with the other person. This is not a judgment on anyone and only about you and protecting your self from “comparison-itis”. So if it sends you into any “I’m not good enough” thoughts they need to to be deleted from your feed!

And here’s a BONUS one:

LET others encourage you and encourage yourself!  If someone compliments you, take the compliment and just say thank you!  Also, when something goes really well for you, take a minute to acknowledge that YOU made it happen! Go ahead girlfriend, pat yourself on the back 💕 💕

I can’t wait to support you in becoming your most confident self.

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Photo by Veronica Sparrow Photography