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I have something really really exciting to share with you that I know you are going to just love.  One of the most talented photographers I know just opened up enrollment for her super popular Online Beginners Photography Class!

But here’s the really exciting part, when you sign up for the Online Beginners Photography Class  you will not only get instant access to the entire online course library…but also as a special FREE bonus, you will get exclusive access to watch the whole class LIVE streamed on Facebook!

This is her MOST popular class and typically books up with-in 24 hours of announcing the dates. 

Yep, she’s just that good!

We all want to take better pictures of the things that are important to us. Like our kids, our animals, our even our food.

But on a serious note, the pictures we take are how we remember our lives.  We take a photos of our babies and then look back on them 5 years later with tears in our eyes and an ache in our heart and wonder how in the world five years could have flow by so quickly.

So if you have a DSLR camera that has dust on it or you’ve been using it on the automatic setting bust that baby out and start taking awesome pictures…

Then THIS is the class for you.

With Facebook and Instagram being where most of us hang out and share our lives with our friends and family through pictures, wouldn’t it be nice to take better pictures??

With just a few tweaks your pictures could be drastically improved!!!


   Real life Example:


That’s where this class comes in.

Some photographers are artists and some are teachers.  Kristin is both.

I took Beginners Photography Class  two years ago and I have used what I learned from those few hours over and over and over again.

For me there were two main reasons I knew I really wanted to take better pictures. 

  1.  I wanted to take better pictures of Jack Henry.  Kids just grow up so fast I wanted to be able to capture at least some of it on camera. Remember the crying and heart aching… that may have been inspired by true events.
  2.  I wanted to take better pictures for my Instagram and blog post photos since I use them for my business.

So Here’s  Some Of What You’ll learn In This Class:


  • All about Lighting: It is everything!
  • Composition: How to frame a photo
  • How to actually use the settings on a DSLR camera to create beautiful photos (HINT: The settings need to change each time you change your location or the lighting changes and believe it or not automatic kinda stinks).
  •  There will be a live shoot with a model so you can practice in real time!
  • Kristin shares all her secrets from 6+ years of shooting and teaching and you will have a chance to ask any questions
  • Plus you get access to a private Facebook group for support long after you’ve taken the class.


If you’re interested, get your booty signed up for this class ASAP!

Dates + Details:

The in- person or LIVE STREAMED Beginners Photography Class is on Saturday, February 24th  

10 am – 3:30 pm  

And remember you can watch live right from home in your pjs.  All you need is your camera, a computer or your iPhone and WiFi!


Here are some photos I took after the class:


File Mar 24, 4 44 38 PM

File Mar 24, 5 03 10 PM

File Mar 24, 4 20 16 PM


I truly got so much out of this class and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Kristin just has a way of  taking a confusing thing like how to program settings on a camera, and explains it in a way that makes it make sense, and makes it seem pretty easy.

If you want to take better pictures of your kids, your pets, your family, or to help move your business forward, whatever it is, you really need to take this class.

I am a proud affiliate and I am even offering a special BONUS class when you sign up for Beginners Photography Class using my special link:



SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: BONUS iPhone Photography Class 

Kristin’s class teaches everything you need to know about how to use a DSLR camera specifically, but if I’m being totally honest, I still mostly use my iPhone to take photos.

But here’s the cool thing, A LOT of the principals I learned from the Beginners Photography Class apply to iPhone photography. For example composition and lighting are used in ALL photography regardless of what type of camera you’re using.

So after the Beginners Photography Class you will also get a LIVE (online) BONUS iPhone Photography Class with me!


  • How to take and edit selfies
  • How to take and edit flat lays
  • Best Apps to use
  • What type of lighting I use
  • Q+A with me!


File Mar 24, 4 56 57 PM


This class is for you if…

  • You are a parent who wants to take better pictures of your children
  • You are a Blogger who would like to improve the quality of the photos in your posts
  • You want better product pictures for your boutique, etsy shop or business
  • You are an aspiring professional photographer
  • You are a beginner or intermediate photographer

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me personally.  I happy to answer anything!



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