We offer this service in your home and appointments are scheduled for 2 hours.

The session will start with us going through the contents of your makeup bag to sort it out: things to PITCH, things to KEEP, things to SWAP.

Next we will go over all the PRODUCTS, TOOLS, and BRUSHES you’ll need to create any makeup look, including what each is used for, how to use them.

Then for be FUN part! I’ll show you simple step ­by ­step formula to APPLY your makeup from start to finish. I will show you everything you need to know.

I will use a combination of the KEEP makeup from your bag and makeup from my PROFESSIONAL collection. This application process will be interactive as I will talk through each step and even have you work on techniques so you can repeat the process on your own!

This lesson is MAKEUP 101, it’s a comprehensive overview of how to apply your makeup from beginning to end, including how to make it last! We will cover a lot of ground in this session. From the BRUSHES and tools you need, how to APPLY foundation and get it to last all day, to exactly how to apply EYESHADOW and EYELINER and everything in between!

After your Personal Makeup Styling Session you will have:

  • New application techniques
  • A cleaned out makeup bag
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to repeat what you learned on your own
  • A detailed face chart so you can recreate what you’ve learned over and over again.
  • A list of product and tool recommendations
  • A shopping WISHLIST
  • You will know how to apply a full face of makeup with ease
  • A renewed sense of confidence in your self and your makeup look!

COST: $200

*After you have your private lesson, I can come back once a year to keep your look current and go even more in depth once you’ve tackled the basics of everyday makeup. There is still so much to learn

These classes are perfect for a girls night in! You’ll learn fun makeup looks for a girls night out, date night or just your every day makeup!

Makeup class options:

•Everyday Eyes: The perfect daytime eye makeup so you look pulled together but never overdone. 

•Smokey eyes: I’ll show you how to get date night ready!  This look is sexy and dark and dramatic.
•Flawless face: Everything you need to know about how to apply foundation/concealer for a flawless face. And how to make it last ALL day long.
•Contouring/Highlighting: I’ll teach you all you need to know about this super glam makeup look. I will show you how to make this work for your specific face shape.
•Brows, Lips, and Lashes: Three things that take your look to the next level but are often overlooked or overdone.


Each class includes:

 •Pro tips. Giving away my secrets!
•A List of what you’ll need to bring and what I will provide for each class(most makeup classes include tools or products for you too keep)
•A detailed list of what you will learn during each class
•A complimentary class outline so you’ll remember everything we talked about in class, with out having to take too many notes
•A complimentary note card to make a WISHLIST of items we discuss during class
•Q+A session at the end of each class
•Makeup remover cloths
•Drug store vs High end-what to splurge on and what not to.

•Product recommendations

COST: Group classes are – $75 per person (groups of 4-8)

This is not a Mary Kay party!  I am not selling anything additional. Once you’ve chosen a class and paid for it that is it!  I will make product recommendations and let you know where you can get products we’ve discussed but there are no additional cost from me! These classes are for you to hang out with friends learn awesome makeup tips and techniques to help you feel beautiful and confident! Feel free to have wine or whatever you’d like to drink. Wine makes everything better! I can’t wait to schedule your class!

Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions for you.